Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Simpang 99

Many called this the Simpang 99 restaurant. I did ask the cashier what is the actually name of the restaurant. She answered Simpang 99. So from now on I will officially call it Simpang 99 =D

The restaurant is famous for its Kolo Mee, Yam Rice and Bah Kuet Teh. Please keep in mind that is this a Non-Halal restaurant.

At a price of $2 I find that the Kolo Mee is worth the price as you can see it is full of meat. I strongly recommend that the mee is best eaten at the restaurant. I wont recommend taking the Kolo Mee home as the sauce and the mee will dry up.

Another recommendation is that try to request for more sauce to be added into the mee. It will make the Mee oily and tasty.

Vegetable soup


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