Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Workshop at iCentre

Today, We attended a workshop at iCentre. The workshop was about Business Plan the speaker Virginia was great. That is just one part of the story. For every workshop iCentre organized there will always be food :)

So were given the exclusive chance to have a little seek peak on the food that they were providing for the workshop. So we went there early and gotten ourselves the inside scoop of the whole menu for the whole day workshop. Its nothing much but it did give us the heads up on what to try it before anyone else.... By the way all the finger food was from Patisserie :)

The Lemon Rolls


Bro having a little bite

The speaker Virginia from NUS

Rano was there too

Time for a short break :)

This chocolate is wonderful :)

Lunch were also provided at the cafeteria(CoffeeZone)


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