Tuesday, October 26, 2010



Pastamania is a world wide franchise and have a total number of 39 branches. Brunei is the 40th addition to the group. Unlike the other branches Brunei's branch is unique in its own ways. Additional dishes were being offered and the price is remarkably afforable as mentioned by many.

Location: Time Square

Cuisine: Italian Cuisine

Opening hours

Love the presentation
Love the menu
Love the picture
Love the price

Lychee, Peach and Green Apple Soda.

Teh Tarik in Pastamania Cup

Chicken Carbonara

I really enjoy this dish, the taste is just great. The cream is thick but lacks a little salt on it. For those who love to take their meals alittle less salt this carbonara should fit in just perfectly.

Chicken Ham and Sausage Baked Rice

Personally I find this dish too cheesy and the heavy salted. I had to constantly take a sip of my Lychee Soda (which is great by the way) from 2 to 3 bites.

Half Hawaiian and Half Vegetarian Pizza


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