Thursday, October 28, 2010

Technology Forum 2010

I was invited to attend a a Technology Forum in Empire. The talk was very innovative and the discussions between the speakers and the crowds was very interesting and resourceful. A number of big companies attended the forum and shared with the public the secret of being successful and how they are different from others. Like every forum there will be food that is why I am there :)

Networking sessions

Indulging food with a great view

Enjoying the great view

Hadi having discussion with ITB Lecturer

Heading over to Empire Theatre for lunch in a baggy

Nice ambiance

iCentre Crew


Chicken Salad
Great appetizer. The salad dressing is amazingly delicious, a little sweet and cheezy :)

Sea bass with homemade mashed potatoes

I did not really enjoy this dish. The fish is a little over cook and hard. The homemade mashed potatoes is really something. A little buttery and milky taste.

White and Black Chocolate Mousse

Strong rich chocolate dessert. Loving it :)

Soft and sticky texture :)

A talk from the author of "Silicon Dragon"ti

After the talk we all headed over to the main hall to continue the last discussion session.

Keeran and the others having a discussion back at the main hall.

Last networking sessions
High Tea

Scone with whipped cream and strawberry jam

That is all for Technology Forum in Empire yesterday.


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