Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lets try something new....

Mituo Vege Restaurant

Famous for their vegetarian food :) It is a non-profit restaurant and all the money made will contribute to charity. Great place the staff is friendly and best of all the staff over there is working at their own will. This shows how kind human can be. For a non-profit restaurant they are quite active in help those who are in need. They previously organize a fund raising event to raise fund for the disasters in Philippines.

Location: No 11, Block B, on the ground floor of PAP Norain Complex, Mile 1, Jalan Tutong

Cuisine: Vegetarian Food

The sign says it all, pay as much as wish. Basically, the restaurant is offering a buffet of 6 vegetable dishes. There is no cashier but a red box that you put your money it. It all comes down to how much are you willing to give, part of those money made will go to charity. You can however eat with out giving a single cent but it is best to contribute to the society and you wont want to leave the restaurant having hundreds of eyeballs looking at you. Just a friendly reminder :)

Free flow of vitasoy, orange juice, tea and water.

Yup, no meat all veges :)
I am not a vegetable guy, but I think I will change my mind after that meal. Vegetables can be delicious and healthy too :)


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