Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Food compilation for November

These are the food compilation for this month. It is not what I've had for this month, it's just a random food post for this month. So... okay, enjoy viewing food photos. =P

Hot and Saucy Noodle

At a restaurant which I don't know the name. It is located around gadong area near Jing Chew. It is surrounded by car workshops. Will find out the name if I remember.

Spicy Sibu-Style Stir-Fried Noodle

From the same restaurant as well. This noodle is also called "Lakia Mee" in chinese. Yes, Lakia. No kidding, look at the photo below. Some chinese people are very sensitive to the word "Lakia". Hahaha. You know who you are.

.......... -_-"

Mango Chicken Rice at Farmbasket.

Forgot the name. But the place is at May Fang.

Tapao Lee Loi Fatt Roasted Chicken Rice.

Article By: Joshua Cafe


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