Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dining at RMS Diner :D

Last Wednesday, Stephanie, Tazio and I had a mini road trip to KB just to dine in at RMS Diner at KB. Yes, it's quite a drive just to have dinner at KB and it's not because of Tazio, both Stephanie and I wouldn't even thought of heading to KB just for dinner. I think most of you have heard of RMS Diner when it was located at Gadong, next to Unitek CD shop but now it has shifted to KB because of its viable business.

So we had a few dishes to our surprise and we were pretty hungry especially Tazio who had been saving his tummy for dinner. He totally recommended the RMS burger and yes, it was very tasty with all the mushroom toppings. Tazio normally visit this joint with his buddy, Julian, but he's now in the UK, doing his pilot course. And Tazio's other buddy, Hafriz, couldn't host us that night because it was his younger brother's birthday.

Anyway, the food there is simply great and it was quite packed as well for a week night. You can also order food from Zaika which is just next door. For bookings, you can call 334 7455. Thanks Taz/Hafriz for the treat.
Stephanie holding the RMS Diner menu

The ribs was superb... Yummm

The RMS Diner Steak

The Belgium Waffle

The Burger that Tazio was raving about

Chocolate pudding is one of their signature dessert

Tazio was a satisfied man after a heavy dinner

Some hot lady posing outside RMS Diner ;)

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