Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flavours already a big hit

Flavours already a big hit. Taz, Steph and I were invited for dinner at a new restaurant in Gadong called Flavours and we were quite impressed by the food selection. I know Taz is pretty discipline when it comes to food consumption. But that was all spoiled for the next half an hour as he had bits and pieces of the dishes served.

The top dishes were the Crispy Kuey Teaw, Curry Laksa and the Curry Fish head which comes in different sizes. Probably the catch of the menu is the family meal value which is quite popular according to the owner of Flavours.

There are some interesting drink list as well. Taz seemed to like the Tapai Float but I prefer the Java float (coffee with ice-cream). There are drinks such as Oreo Shake, Strawberry and even Arabic Champagne (it's not what you think, guys).. Instead I opted for Longan drink.

So where is Flavours? It's located at the old Curry House restaurant at Gadong, just next to Little Bean Company. If you take the short cut to get into Gadong up on the hill, then you won't miss this restaurant. Otherwise, you can call 244 8111 or 8737 389 and now catering and delivery is also available.

Tapai Float and the Java Float at Flavours

Tazio did like the Tapai float

The Curry Fish Head is one of the popular dishes

The Crispy Kuey Teow I was talking about.. Try it!!!

I love this Curry Laksa.. 8.5/10 rating

Steph had portion of the Curry Laksa

The beef burger is just juicy to say the least

Flavours had been opened for the past three weeks

Review by Ranoadidas


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