Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stadium Night Market Part 1

This night market is located beside the in door swimming stadium. This market is a lot bigger compare to the one back in Gadong. The walk ways are wide and then stall are arranged in a U-shape design. This made us(the shopper) easy to walk around and not missing out any good food. As most of the time you will be going round and round as there are so much to look at but just so little man power to carry all those delicious food back home.

I personally prefer this market over the one back in Gadong. I find the stalls here are quite brave and daring to bring out so many kinds of food. Some of which I had never encounter before.

Hungry Joe

Loving It

Seafood Section

I was shock when I first come across a stall selling fried prawns and crabs. I was pretty amazed on the business idea. Previously, most stalls offers identical type of foods. These days they still offers the same but with a new twist :)

Drinks Section

Through out the "Tamu" there are quite a number of stalls selling bag of icy drinks. For such a big pack it only costs $1. You can get almost any type icy drinks from ABC to ice lemon tea.

Grill Section

What I like about this "Tamu" is that they totally separated the Grill and BBQ section far from the others. This way you would be able to get any stain of smell of Grill or BBQ if you are not planning to get any Grill or BBQ food. This can be beneficial to those who just wants to buy food and prevent their cloths from getting any Grill and BBQ odor.


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