Monday, August 16, 2010

Pasar Malam

Pasar Malam Gadong (Night Market)

The Night Market is located at Gadong just a street across the Gadong fish market, or you can just make your way across the bridge from mall and you will end up at this Night Market.

Since it is the puasa month, most of the stalls open at 4. Better get there early as parking is hard to find and gets crowded pretty quickly.

We made our trip there on a sunday which was just a few days ago. With high hopes and expectation in getting all the yummy foods from the night market. I was pretty disappointed. I had to admit it that there were quite a number of stalls. What I am disappointed at is that most of the stall sells roughly the same types of food. Well it is a nice experience to have. Try going in groups, walking alone is not that "Fun"

Afif from Afif's 365

BBQ Corner Haji Bosnia

This BBQ Corner Haji Bosnia is quite a big hit amoung the shoppers.

Grill Section

Kuey and Desserts Section

Beaverages Section


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