Sunday, August 8, 2010

EasyWay Ramadhan Promotion!!

Easy Way Ramadhan Promotion Special

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Promotion will take place for a period of time only.
With 3 special meals promotion of $4.00 per dish, with additional add-on of small cup of milk tea or milo with just $1 extra.

Can't wait?

Head down to Easy Way Delima (On the same Block as HSBC) or Easy Way Bunut (On the same Block as TAIB) during Ramadhan and indulge yourselves in this delightful meal.

------------============ Review ============------------

Today, FoodKings was given the privelege to taste all 3 dishes before they were even out in the market. FoodKings is the first Food Blog that was given this chance to review on the dish.

The meals comes with 3 different sause toppings to be added on your meal. You can choose either lemon sauce, sesame sauce or original sauce. Each with their own distinct taste.

The chicken chop is prefectly fried leaving the inside tender and juicy and the outside cripsy and crunchy. Just the way we expect from a fine chicken chop.

Sesame Chicken Chop Rice

The sesame sauce has a combined flavor of sweet and spice. Giving the sauce a sweet spicy taste to it. This is not that spicy at all. Kids and non-spicy eater should have no problem with this dish. For those who likes it even spicy can even request for extra spice.

Lemon Chicken Chop
Lemon, Lemon, Lemon....
I never expected that this dish turns out that well. The lemon sauce is just right, the soury lemon taste is well balanced with the sweetness of this dish. Giving a sensational taste of sweet and soury.

Chicken Chop Rice

This chicken chop is topped with ordinary sweet and sour sauce.
Ordinary it may seems, taste extraorfinary it is.

The promotion deals is worth having, $4 for a large piece of chicken chop and a fried sunny side up egg. With an addition of $1 you entitled yourself a cup of milk tea or milo.


Your choice of 3 meals:
Chicken Chop
Sesame Chicken Chop
Lemon Chicken Chop

Your choice of 2 location:
Easy Way Delima (On the same Block as HSBC)
Easy Way Bunut (On the same Block as TAIB)


Your only choice:


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