Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Value Meal at De Tymz

De Tymz

Cuisine: Western with a little local twist

Location: Kiulap (same block as Willy's)

Sorry for the bad picture quality I left my camera back at home.

The list of value meals

De Tymz is offering a irresistible value deal that cost $7. It comes with a bowl of cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup, a varieties of main course, a dessert and drinks.

Cream of Chicken

Butter Milk Chicken with Rice

Tip: If you had the chance to drop by please give this dish a try or you could try the chicken chop with extra gravy :)

Bor Bor Cha Cha

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Let me share with you my little sister's recipe on Homemade Lemonade
Hope you guys enjoy it as much as she love making it!!

Homemade Lemonade

1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Warm Water
3/4 to 1 Cup of Cold Water
3 - 4 Lemons







How is it made?



Step 1

Press the Lemons on the table and roll it back and forth. This will keep the juice flowing.
Cut the Lemons in Half

Step 2

Squeeze out the juice from the Lemons

It may seems easy but it is not
It takes a lot of effort to do so....

Step 3

Add the sugar into the warm water and bring it to a boil while stirring

Note: If the water is saturate, try add more water into the mixture

Keep stirring until all the sugar is dissolved

Step 4

Let the mixture(Water + Sugar) cool down a little
Once the mixture is brought to room temperate add in the fresh lemon juice as prepared earlier

The best part TASTING! The only chance to be a professional chef. Use your culinary skills to make the best Lemonade

Taste the Lemonade. If it is too sweet add more water and if it is too sour add a few teaspoon of sugar in. Bring the taste to your likings.

Final Step
Step 5

Pour the Lemonade into a jar and place it inside a refrigerator
This keeps it cool and nice


Friday, November 26, 2010

Dim Sum!!

Hey Nobles,

I had a family breakfast (Dim Sum) a few weeks back at Orchid Garden Hotel, I was stunned with buffet setting. They offers a wide range of delicious Dim Sum, Fruits, Desserts and other delightful dishes which I did not get to try all. I was too obsess with the porridge. I should have stop having the porridge after 2 big servings.

"Hot" all you can eat Dim Sum..

Tip: If you would like to try out the Dim Sum make sure you are ready to fight for it. Get your partners ready and grab as much as possible before it is too late.... Seriously...
"Now you see it, Now you don't" theory applies very well in this concept

This is so far the best breakfast porridge I had... I just cant stop having it one after another....

The Pandan Bun one of the most respected Dim Sum dish.
Remember the "Now you see it, Now you don't" Theory?
For this case its "Now you see it gone in front of your eye"

Penang Assam Laksa

(Thanks to Orirush for point that this is a penang assam laksa)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lunch at Seri Balai

Seri Balai Restaurant

Cuisine: Local Malay Dish

Location: Batu Bersurat (Located at one of the building block before Grand City Hotel, The building that sell Nissan)

(Potato Ball)

Pulut Panggang


This is the reason why we are there. The soto is really good. The soup base is strong in taste, the beef is tender and silky. The meat slides away quite easily, this means that the meat has been in the boil for a very long hour before it can slide off that easily.

Great Lunch!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010



If you guys love peanuts, should go there and have a free sample. The peanuts are homemade and is really delicious. Cost around $8 per bottle.

Cuisine: Western and Local Cuisine

Location: Sengkurong (Around Sengkurong Hua Ho) on the same building as Baiduri Bank

Nice ambiance novel lovers can have spend their time reading novels.

The restaurant is quite pack and cramped, table is closely arranged and not a pretty good place for a larger crowd. The table is good for 5 or less.


The soto comes with a half portion boiled egg, a potato ball(I forgot whats it called in malay) and a reasonable amount of sliced beef. The soup base is not that strong for a soto. The price of this dish $6.90.

Fisherman's Basket

Consist of crab sticks, prawns, fried calamari, fish finger and fries. The calamari and the fish finger is good. The rest was just ordinary with a little crunchy outer layer.
Valued at $8.00

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What to expect again?

Welcome back Nobles!

As mentioned before, FoodKings will post up the article on a random day of the week. If you wish to be the first to know please RSS FoodKings and you will be the first to get notified. Here are a few more teasers to give you a head starts on the food we had during our trip in Klang Malaysia :)

Back to Brunei :)