Thursday, November 18, 2010



If you guys love peanuts, should go there and have a free sample. The peanuts are homemade and is really delicious. Cost around $8 per bottle.

Cuisine: Western and Local Cuisine

Location: Sengkurong (Around Sengkurong Hua Ho) on the same building as Baiduri Bank

Nice ambiance novel lovers can have spend their time reading novels.

The restaurant is quite pack and cramped, table is closely arranged and not a pretty good place for a larger crowd. The table is good for 5 or less.


The soto comes with a half portion boiled egg, a potato ball(I forgot whats it called in malay) and a reasonable amount of sliced beef. The soup base is not that strong for a soto. The price of this dish $6.90.

Fisherman's Basket

Consist of crab sticks, prawns, fried calamari, fish finger and fries. The calamari and the fish finger is good. The rest was just ordinary with a little crunchy outer layer.
Valued at $8.00


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