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One of the most successful fast-food franchise in Brunei. Jollibee is famous for its Gravy and value meals. There are about 10 branches of Jollibee around Brunei.

Location: Delima, Serusop.

Cuisine: Fast Food

Value Meal C1

Rice + 2 Fried Chickens + Drink

Value Meal C1

Rice + Chicken + Drink

Star of the show....

Tip: If you order the C1 value Meal you can ask for gravy refill at the counter at any branch, For the C2 it has to depends on your luck. At some branch they can provide you with extra refills and some might even ask you to pay.

Showering the Fried Chicken with the Gravy
Just the way we love it :)

Champ Junior


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