Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dinner at Le Stadium

Le' Stadium is located at Rimba, on the same small road use to reach iLotus Restaurant. It can be easily spotted as it is the only white building that faces towards the road.

Le' Stadium is specialise in western crusine. I went to Le' Stadium last year and registered to be their member. Which I totally forgot about it until yesterday after receiving my special discount postal card of 20% for my birthday. It is a very useful postal card as it grants me access to 20% for the whole month!! What a great deal eh?

The menu of the month is what grab my attention. It maybe a bit too pricy but it comes with drinks, appertiser, main course and dessert. The menu of the month is very unique as they offers special meals which is not available in the menu.

But sadly, we had to order from the menu due to lack of capital LOL

If there is any kind person that wish to sponsor me for another meal I wont mind =D

Let me show you the food we ordered. Sorry for the bad picture quality. My camera flash is not working and the interior is quite dim. I cant get any good lighting on the food. Hope you guys don't mind =D please enjoy the picture as much as I do eating them.

BBQ rib eye

Can't remember the name but I think is
Chicken with mushroom sause I guess

1) Fast serving
2) Staff is well trained and polite
3) Great discount for birthday month
4) Special menu of the month varies for each month

1) The food is just alright.
2) Quite pricy unless there is a 20% discount for birthday members


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