Sunday, February 14, 2010

Awsome night

Flavours is located at Gadong just beside little bean. Flavours is famous for its Chinese and Western cuisine.

The first time we had our meal at Flavour was back in 2009 when it just started business. I ordered a Calamari ring which Im not quite a fan for it. I find it too oily after a few servings. I also had my Cripsy Kuey Tiaw (Must Try) there. It was unbelievably great.

A 100% Halal Champagne??

The Champagne caught my eye when I was taking my time looking for drinks. So I might as well give this 100% Halal Champagne a try. I also heard that the Tapai Float is a great drink as well.

Arabic Champagne
(Taste like Ice Kasturi drink)

What is the total cost of a beef steak ($6.50) + an Arabic Champagne ($3.00)?
A) $6.50
B) $9.50
C) $3.00
D) Free of charge








Answer: A ($6.50)

Flavours is having this fantastic promotion for each dish your ordered at a price of $5.00 or above to are entitled a free drink from the menu.

Worth it? I will let you do the math.

Chicken Baked Rice
(Must Try)

Beef Steak

Overall, I find Flavour a decent place to go to for dinner. The price is very very reasonable. The food was great. Excellent customer services. The waiter is polite and interactive such as giving suggestions.

I sometimes find that we as human have hard time deciding on what to eat. With the help of such friendly waiter I just took me less than 3 minuts to order. While normally it will took me quite sometimes.

I would recommand:
1) Try order food which is $5 and above, any food will do. To get the free drink!!
2) Try the chicken bake rice. The chicken is crispy and tasted almost like KFC but better. The gravy for the bake rice is sweet and delicous.
3) Try the Tapai Float
4) Try the Crispy Kuey Tiaw. Flavour is famous for that too.


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