Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wagyu Giant Steak

Wagyu Giant Steak

Location: Charcoal BBQ and Grills

Heavy meat eaters should give this dish a try. At a price tag of $23 - $25 it is very reasonable and good value for money. You get to choose two side dish of fries, rice, coleslaw, corn and many more. It is really a huge dish can be easily shared among 2 to 3 people unless you are a really heavy eater then you can have this all by yourselves :)

I had my steak well done with black pepper sauce with side dish of mashed potatoes and fries. I will not recommend having the steak well done as it can prove quite a challenge when eating. I spent most of the time struggling and exercising my gum LoL.

Well, lesson learned :)


Wagyu Steak



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