Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cafe Tomato

Cafe Tomato
(Formerly known as De' Tymz)

A late lunch with the team behind UBD Entrepreneur club. It was my greatest pleasure to join up with you guys and share my opinion in your next big thing!

Keep up the good work guys!

Adrian Koh

Discussion between Adrian and Kelvin

7 up any one?

Cream of Mushroom

Chicken Chop

This is something worth eating. For just only $7 you get a main course of a few selected dishes + soup of the day + dessert + a soft drink. Now you cant get anything better than that. Its the whole package.

Lets do a simple math, based on standard price from restaurants

Main course - $4.50
Soup - $2.00
Dessert - $1.50
Drink - $1.00
= $9
(With the lunch promotion it just cost us $7 which means we save $2)

On top of that the chicken chop was really good. The chicken is nice and crispy on the outside while its moist on the inside. A taste of both worlds I should say. There is however something that I need to point out. Do not expect the chicken chop to be plateful as for a price tag of $7 we should be greatful. The mash potatoes on the other hand is quite starchy as the mash potatoes are crumbed together and a little plain on taste. Overall I find this lunch promo to great for people who love to have a varieties of flavours in the meal. As for myself I prefer to have a full meal.

Tamago Pizza

Its similar to Pizza but had the pizza dough substituted with an egg base. It is the first time I came across this it was really surprise and wonder if it is as good as it sounds. So I did make my order and waiting anxiously for it to reach the table. When it arrived to our table I quickly grab a bite out of it and I am not impressed by the taste. It is just another ordinary fried egg with ketchup, cheese and onions on top of it.


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