Tuesday, January 4, 2011



I pay a visit to DQ at Bnadar town last year (which is just last week) It has been long since I had Oreo Blizzard kinda miss the taste so we drop by for a small bite. I did however manage to have a few scoop before someone finishes it all up while I was sending letters to BIBD.

To be honest, the Blizzard Orea I had that day was not as fulfilling as before. The ice cream kinda melts away pretty quickly and minutes after that the whole cup is filled with milk instant of ice cream. I am not sure if the weather is to be at blame for this or the ice cream? It was quite disappointing, I expect it to melt away while the staff is holding the ice cream cup upside down so if the ice cream did fall off I can get it for free. But it didn't haha...

The Shop

The staff with a smile :)
This is the only moment for free ice cream lols

Small Blizzard Orea
The best in town~

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