Saturday, September 25, 2010


Coffee Zone

Location: Somewhere in between Baiduri Bank and Body shop in Kiulap.

Cuisine: Cafe style mixed western and eastern cuisine.

Black Pepper Chicken

Chicken is well cooked, the chicken is juicy and tender. Easy to chew on and tasted great. The black pepper sauce is heavily seasoned off with black pepper. Take my word for it, each scoop you take you can feel the pepper burning your mouth. But it taste great in a way thought. Personally I would prefer it to be less spicy.

Chicken Chop with Spanish Mushroom Sauce

The mushroom sauce is different from the any of the sauce I tasted. This is a slightly twist in it which I cant really describe. Its tasted great in away. The chicken on the other hand is slightly dry. But thankfully the sauce is able to make up to it and provide a smoothing sensation to the dry chicken chop.


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