Thursday, September 9, 2010


Go sign!!
Get, Set and EAT!!!

Venue: Charcoal

Cuisine: Western Cuisine Specializing in Steaks and Grills.

Buffet Price: $32.90-34.90 per person

It maybe a little pricey but it is worth every penny spent. You get cakes from empires, freshly grilled steaks and skewer. 80% of the dishes is is made out of meat. The appetizers and salad is mixed with all sorts of meats from kebabs to chicken slices.

It is a very heavy meaty meal I should add. The best part is that they offers skewered chicken wings, sausages, lamb chops, beef, hams and even fruit. Like I said it is worth the money and time dining there. You get bombarded with delicious juicy meat. The party does not stop there, they keep on providing you with meats and you do not have to move an inch. The chef will bring the skewer in front of you until you force them to stop. They will keep on coming and coming and coming. Meat lovers like us, Lovin' it

Luckily I was able to get hold of the pictures before I was TOO lazy to walk. We had been sitting on the table for hours waiting to be served.

Dont get it wrong Haagan-Dazs is NOT included in the buffet


We never though that this Stop sign can actually save our lives. I had never been to a buffet that I would actually ask the chef to stop feeding me.

I was too busy eating and forgotten to take picture of the other skewer.


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