Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rajah's Restaurant and Catering

Rajah's restaurant and Catering

Location: Seri (The first block of building that you turn into as if you were heading towards charcoal)

Cuisine: Indian Cuisine

Roti Kosong

Roti Telur

I love the layout of the restaurant. It is quite spacey and people like me can move around with out knocking any one or kicking any tables around me. They offers quite a number of dishes. The menu offered comes with pictures and best of all easy to understand. I did not try out the other dish as our main purpose was to have Roti in the morning. We do love Roti.

Oh before I forgot, Please check out their restrooms. It was like a sudden thing, out of nowhere all of a sudden we are so excited about their restrooms. Each of us take turns to visit the restroom. And I quote "The restroom is very clean and the design is wonderful"

Lets focus on food now. The roti was not that good. The curry sauce together with it is quite diluted. The taste of the curry was very mild. The only explanation I could think of is. They ran out of curry as the restaurant was quite pack due to a very large group of people (Us :) ) and to keep it going they had to pour in water to the curry to increase in volume. Creativity is awesome!

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