Saturday, September 25, 2010


Coffee Zone

Location: Somewhere in between Baiduri Bank and Body shop in Kiulap.

Cuisine: Cafe style mixed western and eastern cuisine.

Black Pepper Chicken

Chicken is well cooked, the chicken is juicy and tender. Easy to chew on and tasted great. The black pepper sauce is heavily seasoned off with black pepper. Take my word for it, each scoop you take you can feel the pepper burning your mouth. But it taste great in a way thought. Personally I would prefer it to be less spicy.

Chicken Chop with Spanish Mushroom Sauce

The mushroom sauce is different from the any of the sauce I tasted. This is a slightly twist in it which I cant really describe. Its tasted great in away. The chicken on the other hand is slightly dry. But thankfully the sauce is able to make up to it and provide a smoothing sensation to the dry chicken chop.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Raya House 4

Finally we reach KB and on towards the last house for the day. Illi invited us over for lunch a late lunch actually considering all the houses we visited we got a little off the schedule. Well at last we made :)

Cakes and Snacks

Time for lunch!!

The guys enjoying their late lunch

That was all for now.
Thank you!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Raya House 3

At Zul's place :)

Greeted by Zul and invited us in for Raya

Drinks being served



Raya House 2

Welcome back for another exciting Raya Moments at FoodKings

Reached Jill's place

Greeted by Jill

Visit Jill's collection of model car
Diqin admiring the collections

Ferrari Fan's Paradise

Cakes and light snacks

Raya House 1


Today let me share with you all the happy moments of Raya. Yesterday we made a trip down Kuala Belait to visit a friends of ours. On the way we made a lot of side trips visiting one house to another. Well as expected from Raya, Kuey and Food filled out journey.

Set out at 10, Diqin drop by my house and pick me up.

Reached Farhana's place

Greeted by Farhana

Looking around for delicious cakes (Kuey)

Found them :)


And hit the jackpot with tuna breads

Next stop, Jill's house

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Afternoon Snack

Haji K.K Restaurant

Location: Tutong town next to Akira shop.

Cuisine: A mix of Malay and Indian cuisine

It was a hot afternoon during the puasa month, Hungry with nothing to eat and no place to go. End up having a late lunch at this restaurant just across town. Initially planned to stuff the stomach with food whether or the the food taste great. Price is a factor that time.

When in call a couple of roti kosong, some drinks, try out the rendang and rojak. Got "Hooked" by the rojak and rendang. Never expected that it will be that good.

Beef Rendang

A side dish for the Roti Kosong. At a price of $1 its not that bad the taste is great, alittle spicy and quite meaty I should say.

Roti Kosong


I think it is called Rojak India, I cant remember what is the actual name of this. All I can say is that this is one hell of a good rojak. The rojak sauce is sweet and nice nutty taste.