Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hungry for indian food?

L'e Taj is a restaurant specialize in Indian Cuisine. It is located at Kiulap just next to capers. I never ever eaten a proper Indian Cuisine before. The only Indian Cuisine I had so far was the murtabak.

They even provide child means which is nicely decorated. It made me so tempted to order from the child corner =/ Not much restaurant offer such attractive child meals.

Chicken Tendori - $7.80

Seriously, I am not a fan of this Tendori Chicken Briyani. The chicken is hard to chew, the rice is quite ordinary. I did not tasted any Briyani inside this dish. To me it is like a roasted chicken rice. The rice tasted best if you add in the masala sause which you will need to side order it. HAHA a very smart way to make money.

Chicken Masala - $5.50

This is my favourate dish of all. The tomato sauce was stunningly delicious and the chicken was so tender and juicy. I especially love the taste of the chicken. I cant really discribe it in detail. All I can say was this is a must try dish. At a price of $5.50 I find it quite cheap. As it came in a portion just enough for two person.

Garlic Nan - $1.70

The Garlic Nan is one of their signature dish as well. The Nan is crispy and slightly-hard. It is best eaten with the Masala sauce. You will fall in love with it with in seconds. At a price of $1.70 its worth it as it is just right for two as well.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Afternoon tea break

It was 2 in the afternoon. I was given the most important task by my grandmother that was to go all the way down to Jin Chiew to buy buns for her and her friends. While they were enjoying LEGAL Mahjong means no money involve, no chips involve or even drinking involve. Only 5 people (4 players and 1 maid that help to refill tea), 4 set of chairs, a Mahjong table and Mahjong titles were involved in the game. It is a fun game to play as it can exercise your brain and eye sight. It can also be a very intense game =/

As most of us know, Jin Chiew is famous for its breads and buns. The store is pack of people in the morning and during 3 in the afternoon (time for big boss to come out and enjoy life)

Red Bean Buns

Roti Kuning one of Jin Chiew's big seller

I personally encounter a long friend of mine who was studying in Australia. The first thing he do when he arrived was to rush down to Jin Chiew and buy 2 Roti Kuning. His parents will do the driving back home and all he does was lay back enjoying the wonderful scenery (This is what he told me, I did not make any of this up. It does makes me wonder which scenery was he talking about =/) of Brunei while eating bit by bit of the bread.

Jing Jing taking a bite of the red bean bun!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Simpang 99

Many called this the Simpang 99 restaurant. I did ask the cashier what is the actually name of the restaurant. She answered Simpang 99. So from now on I will officially call it Simpang 99 =D

The restaurant is famous for its Kolo Mee, Yam Rice and Bah Kuet Teh. Please keep in mind that is this a Non-Halal restaurant.

At a price of $2 I find that the Kolo Mee is worth the price as you can see it is full of meat. I strongly recommend that the mee is best eaten at the restaurant. I wont recommend taking the Kolo Mee home as the sauce and the mee will dry up.

Another recommendation is that try to request for more sauce to be added into the mee. It will make the Mee oily and tasty.

Vegetable soup

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chicken Rice!!

Hungry for chicken rice? Bored of having Tien Tien, SCR, Rasamas, Rejoice or Lee Loi Fatt?
Would you like to try out one of the best chicken rice?

How about giving a try on one of the famous chicken rice suggested by most Bruneians? That is the Mandarin Hotel's chicken rice in Singapore. It has been so called a "Legend" with a price tag of $30 and it is all the way in Singapore.

Chicken rice is not judged by the price tag or the location of where it was produced. It is the matter of taste. Kokokan is famous for its chicken rice and I can say that it has one of the best chicken "rice" out there.

Who needs hotel when you can sit in a comfortable place, eating freely and enjoy the meal. Without paying for any hotel services charges and room service.

I personally like the menu. It is easy to understand and straight forward.

Emperor Steamed

Royal BBQ

I love the chicken rice.

Must try!!
I think the name of this dish was Fried Tofu with Thai chili sauce.
It cost $3. Which I think is overpriced but it sure is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S

Jia Lin showing off her Kolo Mee

Cripsy Noodle

Overall I find that Kokokan is a very decent place to go to. I am so in love with the Chicken "Rice" and the soup that comes with it. But I am not a big fan of the chicken. The chicken reaches the table cold and icy. The meat was hard and pretty much ordinary. But the rice itself can get you finishing it before you even started on the chicken. By adding the soup onto the rice can get you hungry for 2 full plates.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lunch at AXTIVO

Axtivo is located at the building where live wire is. I believe people called it the airport mall. I am not sure that the name of the building really is. Well its easy to spot the restaurant as you will drive pass it when entering the building area.

Bare in mind that this restaurant is promoting healthy food. Hence the taste will be lacking and undesirable. The taste is not that bad just that the lacking of salt and no MSG can't really bring out the full flavor of the dishes.

Those who desire healthy food should really give it a try. I wont say that its the best restaurant to go to for but if you prefer to have a healthy meal this restaurant is your right choice.

"Keep this picture in mind before complaining to the restaurant
regarding the taste"

RBA Most Wanted Engineer

The ice lemon tea is quite bitter.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Briyani

Claypot Rice

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Murtabak at Bunut Hua Ho's Foodcourt

It was a hot and long afternoon. Time seems to past at an extremely slow rate. I am hungry for food. So decided to take food advice on where to fill up my desire for food.

I heard quite a number of good reviews about Hua Ho's food court murtabak at bunut. Since I am hungry for food I decided to give it a try. It gave me a sudden shock when I heard that Hua Ho has one of the best murtabak. At the instant I picture Hua Ho to expand its business into FastFood murtabak, just like Soon Lee's Ayamku.

The murtabak look tasty and it smells good when it arrived at my table. The murtabak was nicely browned and crispy on the outside. I cant wait to dig in and taste it. Which surprises me after one serving. I was quite dissapointed at it. The murtabak was hard to chew in the inside. It was not as good as I expect it to be.

I am not quite a fan of the curry sauce. It was to spicy for me. But for those who love to eat spicy food they should have no problem with it.

Anyway, the murtabak was good but not the best. I wont recommend people to drive all the way up to bunut Hua Ho just for a murtabak. If you are hungry for something light to eat while shopping at Hua Ho, you might as well give it a try.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Lunch Review: CoffeeZone Qlap

Welcome to the Lunch Review! Each week we'll choose one restaurant for lunch and write a review on our lunching experience. Note that the review will reflect our own opinion and experience. This is not a paid review and reviews are done discretely without the knowledge of the restaurant owners. Anyone else who is interested to join the review group please message me in Facebook :)

This week we decided to have our Lunch at Coffee Zone Kiulap. We ordered two dishes, their Nestum Chicken $5.90 and their Sweet and Sour Fish. $5.90.

At first glance, you will feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of the Nestum chicken but as you dig in, you will find that there's too much Nestum and not as much chicken as you would had liked. This dish could go either way depending on how much you love that Nestum topping. Personally I felt that they've went over the top with too much Nestum. The Nestum is quite oily and too filling for me. I did not enjoy this dish. Simply my personal opinion. I'm sure someone else will absolutely adore this dish if they love the Nestum bits~

I like this dish. Unlike some restaurant's fish dishes, where they minced the fish an add in a lot of flour and msg to deep fry into fish slices, Coffee Zone uses fish fillets, dipped in flour and fried. Therefore, the fish tastes fresher and the texture more appealing. It's a bit oily though for me though -- the fish. The sauce is just right and passed my taste test. This is what I would order again.

For both dishes, the rice is a bit overcooked and too soft for my taste. Their clear soup which I asked for both me and my friend has too much pepper in it.

The service this time is a bit slow but generally the staff is friendly.

Verdict: In my opinion, if food is your main priority, I would not come here for these two dishes, not during lunch time especially when I have one hour to eat. I'll come here to chill with friends and show my ideas using my laptop, but not for lunch.

Review by: Thanis