Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lunch at Ben's shop

Hi there,

We were having lunch the other day at Ben's shop. The name of the restaurant is Coconut Grove. We always called it Ben's shop out of the blue.

I am so in love with the Chee Chong Fun! Even though the Chee Chong Fun is plain. The sauce combined with the Chee Chong Fun is amazing. Such a wonderful combination. The sauce is sweet, a little bit salt in a nice way and filled with sesames.

Chee Chong Fun

The home made soya bean:-
1) Freshly made in the morning
2) Healthy
3) The sweetness is just right for me (You can add more sugar if you like it sweet)

Homemade Soya Bean

Chiew Kuey Tiaw:-

Chiew Kuey Tiaw with Egg

Minced Meat Tofu Rice.

Small family dinner

This restaurant is located on the same block as rejoice chicken rice in Gadong. The same block where A plus is. I am not sure about the name of this restaurant. I am only positive that this restaurant is famous for its curry. Especially the curry fish head.

For those who know the name of this restaurant please type it down on the chat box.

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Asam Curry Fish Head

I think this is what you called a "Hotplate Tofu"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Awsome night

Flavours is located at Gadong just beside little bean. Flavours is famous for its Chinese and Western cuisine.

The first time we had our meal at Flavour was back in 2009 when it just started business. I ordered a Calamari ring which Im not quite a fan for it. I find it too oily after a few servings. I also had my Cripsy Kuey Tiaw (Must Try) there. It was unbelievably great.

A 100% Halal Champagne??

The Champagne caught my eye when I was taking my time looking for drinks. So I might as well give this 100% Halal Champagne a try. I also heard that the Tapai Float is a great drink as well.

Arabic Champagne
(Taste like Ice Kasturi drink)

What is the total cost of a beef steak ($6.50) + an Arabic Champagne ($3.00)?
A) $6.50
B) $9.50
C) $3.00
D) Free of charge








Answer: A ($6.50)

Flavours is having this fantastic promotion for each dish your ordered at a price of $5.00 or above to are entitled a free drink from the menu.

Worth it? I will let you do the math.

Chicken Baked Rice
(Must Try)

Beef Steak

Overall, I find Flavour a decent place to go to for dinner. The price is very very reasonable. The food was great. Excellent customer services. The waiter is polite and interactive such as giving suggestions.

I sometimes find that we as human have hard time deciding on what to eat. With the help of such friendly waiter I just took me less than 3 minuts to order. While normally it will took me quite sometimes.

I would recommand:
1) Try order food which is $5 and above, any food will do. To get the free drink!!
2) Try the chicken bake rice. The chicken is crispy and tasted almost like KFC but better. The gravy for the bake rice is sweet and delicous.
3) Try the Tapai Float
4) Try the Crispy Kuey Tiaw. Flavour is famous for that too.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ayamku Restaurant

Ayamku Restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of Grand City Hotel in Batu Bersurat. It is not any ordinary Ayamku outlet you see around. This particular Ayamku does not sell fast food. Yes no fast food so there is no Ayam goreng, Ayamku Special, Ayamku Nasi Lemak, Ayamku Happy or any other Ayamku menu.

So try don't go asking around for any Ayamku menu like I did which is totally embarrasing =/


Fried Rice with Chicken

The buttermilk chicken was not that good that day. It is kinda watery.
But on normal occasion it was actually pretty good.

Claypot Tofu a must try!!
Tips: Try calling the small portion which is big enough for two.

I personally thinks that Ayamku Restaurant is a place to go to if you want to grab a quick lunch. The services is pretty quick which I adore, the food was nice and the price is very reasonable for my view.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dinner at Le Stadium

Le' Stadium is located at Rimba, on the same small road use to reach iLotus Restaurant. It can be easily spotted as it is the only white building that faces towards the road.

Le' Stadium is specialise in western crusine. I went to Le' Stadium last year and registered to be their member. Which I totally forgot about it until yesterday after receiving my special discount postal card of 20% for my birthday. It is a very useful postal card as it grants me access to 20% for the whole month!! What a great deal eh?

The menu of the month is what grab my attention. It maybe a bit too pricy but it comes with drinks, appertiser, main course and dessert. The menu of the month is very unique as they offers special meals which is not available in the menu.

But sadly, we had to order from the menu due to lack of capital LOL

If there is any kind person that wish to sponsor me for another meal I wont mind =D

Let me show you the food we ordered. Sorry for the bad picture quality. My camera flash is not working and the interior is quite dim. I cant get any good lighting on the food. Hope you guys don't mind =D please enjoy the picture as much as I do eating them.

BBQ rib eye

Can't remember the name but I think is
Chicken with mushroom sause I guess

1) Fast serving
2) Staff is well trained and polite
3) Great discount for birthday month
4) Special menu of the month varies for each month

1) The food is just alright.
2) Quite pricy unless there is a 20% discount for birthday members

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Consumer Fair

Sorry for the long wait. There are the pictures I took while I was there wandering aimlessly for food and bumping into friends and close relative. It was seriously crowded by all ages. Music fills the whole center with joy and excitement. Events and lucky draws and all other sorts of entertainment were provided to keep all the guest entertained.

I was quite amazed that this consumer fair was A LOT better than the previous ones. Bus was provided from the parking lot to the center, live performance, lucky draws, a lot of innovative products and many more.

Say hi to Johnny

This is actually very tasty

I was quite surprise to see Frito Lay in the consumer fair

Looks tasty O.O

What did you know?
It is!!

During the exploring trip around the ICC. We got tired and hungry. So its time for some lunch to keep us going for round 2. I was initially decided to have my lunch ordered from this restaurant.

But I end up choosing another one. Why is it so? Let me share with you my personal experience.

1) As you can see there are 3 workers (2 female and 1 male) I was standing there for 10 minutes or so. I was not being served at all. The guy as you can see he was busying arranging the bamboo plates. Well that is not the big deal. The big deal was I was there first and there is a lot of rude customer cut my que!! And they do nothing about it. It is their job to work on a first come first serve basis. Which they totally ignore.

2) While I was there standing like a coconut tree. Being toss around and ignored by the workers. The guy took out his cigarettes and lighter. Placing them on the table and he start using the lighter to light up the wax below the food tray. It is not a big deal actually. Smoking and fire is not the problem I am addressing. The problem is he is the guy that arrange the bamboo plate for the customer to eat on. And he is also the one to light the wax candle? With no plastic glove or anything?

So after these encounter. I went to another stall to buy my food. They provide wide selection of food but I did not get the restaurant name. Sorry about that.

I was hungry so I did not get any picture of the food. I will make it up to you next time. Cheers.